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2016 Brand NEW EZGO RXV’s


Cart Details

Brand Spankin' New Golf Cars - These have ALL of the new bells and whistles. Drive like a dream and extremely quick too! The NEW E-Z-GO RXV is the most technologically advanced Golf Cart on the market. AC Drive system that smokes the competition on the hills (and rolls out at 23 mph!), Posi rear end, and regenerative motor braking (there are no brake shoes to ever replace again!!).

Cart Features

  • Headlights
  • Taillights
  • Horn
  • Brakelights
  • Sweater Basket
  • Integrated Cup, Ball and Tee Holders
  • Deep Glovebox Storage
  • State of Charge Meter (Electric Only)
  • DC-to-AC Converter (Electric Only)

Cart Price

  • $8,195.00
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