Upgrade Options for all carts

Custom seats in a range of colors.

Made from DURAMAX 100% Polyolefin, UV stable, will not absorb spills or stains. Mildew resistant, non-allergenic, static resistant and easy maintenance. We can make these seats for any golf cart.

Custom Wheels.

Customize your cart with 10″, 12″ or 14″ wheels.

Rear Seat Kit with Flip Seat

We can convert any cart into a 4 passenger with the flexibility of the flip rear seat & add a safety bar.

Answer Bag Attachment

This includes a ball washer, cooler and two sand & seed bottles. When you are not golfing the top lifts off leaving the safety bar and cooler on the cart.

Universal Bag Attachment

The Universal bag attachment is easily removed as it just drops over the safety bar on the rear seat kit.

80” Canopy

This longer canopy will cover the rear seats when the Rear Seat Kit option is installed. Available in Black, Beige or White.

MP3/ Cell Phone Stereo

Fit a stereo with a bluetooth receiver so you can connect your phone wirelessly to play your favorite music whilst driving around.


Available in Hinged door, Track style or Over the top.  These can be custom made and fitted to your color requirement, we can also provide club protectors to match.

Folding Windshields

Folding windshields available for all carts in either tinted or clear.

Retractable seat belts and mounting bars

No more loose belts damaging the paintwork and falling into the battery compartment. Retractable seat belts for 2, 4 or 6 passenger carts.

Single Point Watering System

Fill the batteries from a single socket so that you don’t have to take the tops off the batteries and fill each cell.

USB Charging Port

Either a USB port or Standard 12v power source to charge you phone/ GPS etc.

Storage Tray

Handy storage tray that mounts on the windshield frame. Available in Carbon Fibre, Burl wood and Black.

Locking Dash Panel

This panel with locking doors is handy to lock items away from sight. Available in Carbon Fibre, Burl wood and Black.

Coolers, Ball & Club Washers

Deluxe large coolers, club and ball washers that can be mounted either side of a 2 passenger golf cart. Available in Carbon Fibre, Burl wood and Black.

Rear view mirrors, Sand & Seed

5 Panel rear mirrors that mount on the windshield frame. Also sand & Seed bottles and holders to mount on one or both sides of the cart.